We solve challenges

Together we think differently with our clients to design and implement solutions that improve operations to position clients for the future. Our experts leverage technology to transform organizations, optimize the workforce, and improve culture. 

Strategic Planning Services

Aligning organizations to focus on the mission

We recognize the need to challenge the old and seek new, creative, and flexible solutions – we Think Differently. Partnering with our clients we leverage our proven methodology to successfully collaborate and plan for the future. We understand the Federal planning horizon and budget formulation process and leverage this to develop implementable Roadmaps of funding profiles and milestones  that are executable. 

Smartsheet Automation and Integration Services

Work Smarter

M2 has transformed organizations by integrating Smartsheet within our methodologies to automate tasks, drive efficiencies, promote collaboration, and significantly reduce operating costs. Our solutions have been recognized by national publications for their innovative, no-code solutions.

Organizational Health and Culture

Promoting positive change through culture shifts

 M2’s organizational health solutions assist clients enable cultural improvements by providing key insights around six health components: people, tools, process, mission, organization, and environment. We continuously integrate best practices through our involvement in culture focused organizations such as Small Giants. Our innovative approach to culture has landed us numerous Best Place to work awards that we transfer to our clients.

Change Management

The Key to Successful Transformations

M2’s Change Management methodology is proven to help organizations embrace transformational initiatives. We help organizations assess their readiness for all types of initiatives from small projects to large reorganizations and modernizations​. Our focus is on people and culture. 

Leadership Development Services

Developing leaders that build trust 

Leadership development is a critical component to an organization’s health. M2’s leadership coaching methodology builds leaders who enable high morale and culture. Our ICF-certified Leadership Coaches facilitate multi-day workshops, round tables and retreats to promote leadership development.

Workforce Planning Services

Optimizing team structures to fuel transformation

A motivated and skilled workforce is the heart of all organizations. M2 leverages our proven methodologies and tools to conduct workforce diagnostics and interventions for people, task, structure, and culture. We bring the organizational structure, business processes and workforce competencies into alignment with mission requirements. 

Portfolio/Program/Project Management

Structuring organizations that are impactful

M2’s portfolio, program, and project management methodologies enable clients to realize cost savings and avoidances, reduce redundancies, and deliver capabilities within schedule and budget. We are experts at establishing and implementing portfolio management frameworks for small to multi-billion dollar organizations, making decisions easier and data-based. 

Data Analytics

Visualizing real-time data that makes sense

Data analytics is key to organizations and their decision makers. M2 has extensive experience leveraging data and business intelligence to inform decisions. We leverage data to help our clients routinely monitor and meet performance goals and indicators. We develop dashboards to automate data results, enabling informed decision making. 

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