Organizational Health Assessment & Design

High Performing Organizations Assess Their Health

M2’s Organizational Health Assessment is a diagnostic process that measures six health components and results in:

  1. Effective Workforce

    Workforce aligned to mission and have relevant skillsets

  2. Organizational Agility

    Organization is designed to be agile and embrace change

  1. Collaborative Tools

    Workforce and Stakeholders have access to tools and training

  2. Healthy Culture

    High morale and collaborative culture

The M2 Advantage

We focus on positioning you for the Future and the New Normal

Scalable Methodology

Four-phased process that results in the data necessary to make informed decisions on realigning or redesigning your current organization to ensure high performance

Smartsheet Capability

Data-driven Dashboards that measure and capture performance allowing for effective and efficient decision-making

Independent Results

M2 provides a third-party assessment that promotes confidentiality of the process to encourage candid participation and meaningful data to shape your future

What services do you need?

Health Matters

Organization Design

  • Review and analysis of your organization design and examiniation of functions and alignment of positions to tasks

Workload Analysis

  • Analysis of employee workload and the distribution of work across an office/division filtered by position levels and organization functions

Health Assessment

  • Comprehensive review and analysis of an organization’s design, workload distribution, health, and performance

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