Change Management


The people side of modernization​

Let’s Embrace Change  

Why is Change Management Important?

Provides a structured approach to navigating and accepting change

People Drive Change

Focuses on leaders and managers, who are critical change agents, and  the comprehensive employee experience 

 Culture & Employees

Addresses the awareness, desire, motivation, and ability of employees and stakeholders to embrace change


 Automate & Tools

Uses tools and techniques to improve communication and address employee and stakeholder resistance

 Proactive Thinking

Anticipates potential resistance and addresses and communicates  barriers to change


Change is Here

The M2 Advantage

We provide a proven framework, engage employees, and optimize work​

Proven Framework

M2’s change management framework focuses on engaging employees which results in improving organizational culture and optimizing work performance 

Employee Engagement

Employees expect to be engaged in new ways.  Effective employee engagement is an art. M2 places the employee experience at the center of the change to enhance their experience.

M2’s Change Management Smartsheet Framework

Provides clients with real-time dashboards that show the status of your change journey. We measure and capture performance measures and automate tasks.

We Support Change 

What change can we help you manage?


Identifying Change

  • We are experts at conducting organizational assessments ​
  • These are third-party assessments & recommendations to optimize your operations, workflows, and culture​
  • This will identify transformation & modernization areas
  • Areas of change will be identified

 Embracing Change

  • We Assess Readiness, Plan for Change, and Take concrete actions to have employees & stakeholders accept and embrace the change
  • Using our four-phased proven process and strategic communication expertise we focus on the human component

Case Study: Identifying and Embracing Change

Supporting a Federal Agency to define its future and restructure its workforce and budget around Portfolio Management

Ready to Change?