What is Portfolio, Program, Project Management?

A disciplined and data-driven approach to leading initiatives, prioritizing goals, resourcing staff, and enabling decision making

Portfolio Management
  • Collection of programs and their associated projects which are managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives
  • All may not necessarily be interdependent or directly related however there is a strategy to optimize and maximize return on investment
Program Management
  • Coordination of numerous related projects and other activities, over time, to deliver benefits to the organization 
  • Has a clear, defined goal, and each project within the program assists in meeting those goals
Project Management
  • A project is chartered to create a specified “deliverable” as efficiently as possible
  • Projects are temporary and terminate on the completion of the work they were chartered to deliver

The M2 Advantage

Proven Federal Portfolio, Program, Project Management Framework

Portfolio, Program, Project Management framework that drives results and efficiencies. Trained in the M2 portfolio, program, project management framework, our consultants embrace the philosophy of thinking differently to solve your challenges. They apply our framework and present solutions that allow you to work smarter, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your workforce and culture.

Agile & Transparent Decision Making

We are experts at designing customized dashboards using Smartsheet; this allows for a comprehensive view of your portfolios providing transparency, agility, and quick decisions.

Enterprise Thinking & Mindset Training

Effective leaders practice enterprise thinking. Our leadership coaches and trainers develop customized sessions that change the mindset and inspire the organization to think and act differently. 

Results. Results. Results.

M2’s Portfolio, Program, Project Services


  • We establish your portfolio, program, or project management framework and when required will recommend budget and workforce realignments

  • We develop your portfolio, program, or project dashboard


  • We support a four-phased portfolio, program, or project management process

  • Includes the development of Strategic Implementation Plan, Formulation of Budget, Annual Operating Plans, and Execution Dashboards

Mindset Training

  • We offer a range of training to ensure success

  • Includes Enterprise Mindset seminars, Portfolio, Program, or Project Management Framework training, Change Acceptance training, and stakeholder workshops

Are You Ready To Change Your Mindset?