Climate Strategy Services

What is Climate Strategy Services?

Proactive approaches to address climate risks, promote sustainability, and drive positive outcomes for businesses and society as a whole.

  1. Strategic Planning

    Develop strategic plans and corresponding implementation plans regarding climate strategies

  2. Climate Services Tracking

    Identify, develop, and monitor climate services to support strategic goals

  1. Inter and Intra Agency Coordination

    Chair, co-chair, facilitate, and provide expert guidance to inter and intra organizational endeavors

  2. Partnerships

    Foster commercial, public, and Federal partnerships to support strategic climate goals and intiaitives

The M2 Advantage

Proven expertise supporting strategic climate services

Strategic Planning
  • Tailored and repeatable tools and templates to develop strategic plans for climate services
  • Full lifecycle of strategic implementation expertise to realize goals
Experts at Fostering Partnerships
  • Our employees understand how to chair and facilitate complex climate topics across intra and inter-agency organizations
Proven framework for multi-disciplinary collaboration

Climate Services that Optimize Decision

Understand the Demand

  • Identify and document the demand for climate services

Bridge the Science Gap

  • Bridge the gap between climate science and sector expertise

Co-Produce Climate Services

  • Develop climate services to address end-user climate service needs

Communicate Services

  • Communicate services to foster buy-in

Monitor and Evaluate

  • Monitor and continuously improve services

Ready To Elevate your Climate Strategy?

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