case study: organizational health assessment

Partnering with a Chief Information Officer to Transform into an Agile Customer-Focused Organization


Federal Chief Information Officers are grappling with transforming their organizations, workforce, and management of technical implementations to help accomplish their missions in the most effective and efficient manner. A federal Chief Information Officer of a science based Agency partnered with M2 to improve his Office’s service delivery, organizational processes, and workforce alignment.

What M2 Did

Partnering with our client we leveraged our proven organizational health and culture methodologies to provide key insights around six health components: people, tools, process, mission, organization, and environment. Within two months M2 completed an organizational health assessment which provided insight into the identification of workforce skill gaps, existing workload alignment patterns and issues, and capacity concerns. The purpose of the assessment was to provide an understanding to our client of their strengths and weaknesses across six organizational health components and provide recommendations to better align capabilities to the overarching Agency vision, mission, goals, and objectives. The assessment consisted of interviews and surveys with over 60 Federal employees and contractors. The data and findings from the surveys, workload analysis and interviews were analyzed, and recommendations were presented via a detailed Strategic Roadmap. From the Organizational Health Assessment our client moved forward with a realignment effort which M2 supported. As part of this support we provided Change Management and Communication expertise and developed materials for our client to leverage; ensuring consistent delivery through the realignment process; we hosted daily stand-up meetings to provide support/guidance on transition and address their concerns; and we developed an intranet site to ensure dissemination of pertinent materials to the impacted workforce. As part of our Knowledge Management services, we developed a central repository of all realignment/transition documentation.


M2’s support resulted in the successful organizational realignment as well as the establishment of a Program Management Office to standardize the delivery of projects and capabilities to stakeholders, the initiation of an office-level Strategic Plan, Career path competency model and training, and a Coaching Program that all managers are leveraging. Our client has seen an increase in workforce morale and has been able to deliver capabilities in a streamlined manner.

Organizational Health Components

Federal Employees and Contractors Surveyed

Strategic Roadmap

Undergoing an Organizational Health Assessment with M2 means making data-driven changes that are right for your organization. The Roadmaps and Actionable Implementation Plans developed for your will make change possible.

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