culture drives m2

Our employee-focused culture is a key differentiator in our ability to inspire and motivate our workforce resulting in high performance for our clients. Our employees are the heart of our organization!

One of AMERICA’S best places to work

We hire, mentor, and inspire employees to be their best

Core Values

Be the Best You  – Bring the WOW factor  –  Be Kind  –  Pay It Forward

M2’s core values are outlined in our Culture Book and embedded throughout all company functions including how we hire, retain, manage, and train employees and how we interface with our clients. We truly believe that employees are the heart of our organization and have demonstrated this by providing employees with ongoing opportunities and incentives to learn, develop, and grow.

Employee Benefits

Our Employees Deserve the Best

We constantly evaluate our benefits to ensure we invest in our employees to create an amazing experience at M2. We provide provide 100% company-paid health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. We couple this with engagement and training activities including access to LinkedIn Learning, flexible work schedules, monthly and quarterly team events, an award-winning Mentorship program, and countless accolades programs.  

Diversity & Inclusion

We Embrace Being You

M2 embraces diversity and inclusion and was built by two diverse co-founders — Willow Marr, a woman raised in Hawaii by a single working mother, and Helo Mustafa, a refugee from Kurdistan of Iraq — we understand the struggles of minorities. We acknowledge that there are dimensions of diversity — those visible and non-visible. M2 is a workforce and workplace that fosters innovation and personal growth — and one where pay is equal between men and women. As M2 continues to grow, diversity will continue to be front-and-center by living our Core Values.

Curiosity and Continual Learning

Try New Things and Make a Difference

At M2 we believe in fostering an environment of curiosity and continual learning – which allows us to Think Differently. We encourage our employees to be bold, take risks, push themselves, and solve the problems they are passionate about. M2 employees are on top of best practices, and continual learning is part of our culture and M2 employees receive LinkedIn Learning accounts, which provides access to over 10,000 on-demand courses. Our leadership have a consulting background and promote a culture of learning, providing strategic guidance and mentorship to employees. 

Mentorship, Advancement, & Performance (MAP)

Continuous Engagement Creates Continuous Success

We developed a distinct management approach that sets M2 apart from our competitors. Our nationally recognized MAP Program, ensures employees receive continuous feedback by leveraging monthly cycles where employees have meetings with managers to review goals, performance, and job satisfaction. This program was highlighted by Forbes Small Giants and LinkedIn for its unique and proactive approach to employee engagement.

M2 Quality

Being Extraordinary Means Delivering Extraordinary

Quality is key to our success and our 100% repeat business from our clients. M2’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is focused on data-driven performance metrics across all aspects of our contracts, projects and employee performance including contract start-up, resource management, task order performance, and communications strategy. These metrics are analyzed monthly and quarterly to ensure lessons learned are leveraged for the continuous improvement of our management processes.

“In my 10+ years as a COR this is the best vendor I’ve worked with. They are proactive, accurate and provide top-level talent who perform high-quality work with superior effectiveness”

M2 Believes and Acts