Smartsheet Consulting Case Study

Program Management Office

Moving to M2’s cloud-based PMO framework allows for virtual collaboration, workflow automation, and costs savings


At the start of many PMO engagements, M2 observes common challenges that our clients face including reactive project management behaviors, manual processes, fragmented data systems, and inaccurate sets of data that hinder management teams from making informed decisions.

About the Client
  • A Federal client
  • Manages IT services for a 4,000 person agency
Problem Areas
  • Projects and programs were not effectively aligned to their strategic objectives
  • Lack of visibility on tracking progress
  • Not using consistent templates, tools, and processes

What Did M2 Do?

To address our client's challenges, M2 developed a Program Management Office (PMO) methodology that leverages a cloud-based tool – Smartsheet, to automate workflows, standardize processes, and promote transparency. We bring over a decade’s worth of experience and lessons learned from successful PMO and IT implementations to ensure each client’s project delivers desired results.

Program Management
  • Within six months M2 established and implemented a PMO framework using Smartsheet to automate workflows, develop schedules, standardize templates, integrate risk matrices and action trackers, which allowed for true collaboration across all projects
  • Developed real-time decision Dashboards for leadership’s use in making critical decisions, reducing decision making cycles, and achieving cost savings
  • This scalable cloud-based PMO provided virtual collaboration and the automation of multiple processes, which was essential for a remote workforce dispersed across the country


M2 streamlined their client's IT program, project management practices, implemented a Virtual Cloud-based PMO.

Two-Phase Development

The client adopted a two-phased development approach:

  • Phase One: Provided a method to develop and share schedules across 35+ active projects
  • Phase Two: The automation of workflows and Dashboard development
Final Results

Within three months of deploying the virtual Smartsheet PMO, the client observed:

  • a 25% increase in projects that were on-track
  • Greater cross-team collaboration and accountability
  • Fewer unnecessary  meetings
  • Reduction in emails for status updates
  • Consistent processing of full-lifecycle activities

M2’s PMO Methodology Promotes Virtual Collaboration, Increases Workflow Automation, And Provides Significant Costs Savings

Increase in # of Projects Supported
Decrease in # of Resources Required
Projects with Real-Time Dashboards for Decision-Making

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