Developing Your Workforce 

Creating the next generation of leaders within an organization promotes higher morale, increased collaboration, and overall stronger workplace culture


Most human capital strategies identify leadership development as one of the top five goals, yet both commercial and government entities continue to struggle with how best to grow their current leaders and groom the next generation both of which are essential to maintaining a strong culture and motivated workforce. In this current COVID-19 environment building leadership skills are ever more important to motivate and inspire the workforce. Without leadership self-awareness and constant improvement, organizations face challenges that include low morale and productivity and a decrease in collaboration and innovation. To address these types of challenges, M2 developed a Leadership Program that supports an individual’s professional development and helps organizations operate more efficiently. Our program consists of a three-phased methodology and leverages our trained and certified coaches.  M2 coaches partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential​.

What M2 Did

M2’s client, a Federal Agency, wanted to take the needed steps to mature its leaders. We provided a tailored program that included one-on-one leadership coaching to 35+ managers and supervisors and development services for their senior executives. The Leadership Program provided bi-monthly coaching sessions and included pre-coaching surveys, coaching agreement, action plans, and a final closeout/roadmap. Leveraging our catalog of 50+ Leadership training seminars, we facilitated multi-day workshops, roundtables, and retreats that promoted leadership development activities and fostered collaboration. 


M2’s Leadership Development services helped our client to build the next generation of leaders and their current leaders to improve their skillset. Our client’s leaders who had access to M2’s coaches and went through our training acted more decisively, anticipated and reacted better to risks and issues, and navigated through complex issues. This organization saw an increase in productivity and survey results showed improved workforce morale.

Federal Senior Executives and Managers Coached

Leadership Training Courses

Survey results showed increase in productivity and morale

Investing in your Workforce results in increased productivity and a best workplace culture

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