Engineering & Scientific Services

What are Engineering & Scientific Services?

Wide range of activities that involve applying scientific and engineering principles to solve problems, develop new technologies, or improve existing ones. These services can include research and development, testing, technical consulting, and other specialized technical support.

  1. Impact-Based Decision Support Services

    Specialized services assisting emergency personnel and public safety officials to make informed, data-driven decisions when weather, water, and climate impact the lives and livelihoods of our country.

  2. Modeling

    Essential tools in science to create representations of real-world phenomena to support research activities.

  1. Systems Engineering

    Crucial for the successful design, development, implementation, and decommissioning of systems, especially in large, complex projects where the interplay of different parts and disciplines becomes more intricate.

  2. Technology Assessments

    Increases the likelihood of selecting the right tools to optimize solutions for your organization.

The M2 Advantage

Subject Matter Experts that know what works

Proven Methodology
  • Repeatable Systems Engineering framework to ensure structured process
  • Templates and tools for each phase of lifecycle
  • Online dashboards to provide real-time status of programs
We Understand Science
  • 20+ years of experience supporting critical projects related to atmospheric, environmental, climate, and marine science.
  • Full lifecycle support from strategic plan development to implementation of mission-critical services.
advanced knowledge of engineering principles
  • Proven ability to apply advanced engineering principles to identify, formulate, and solve complex problems, integrating multiple disciplines and technologies to innovate and drive forward engineering solutions.
  • In-depth theoretical understanding of engineering, including the ability to model, analyze, and predict system behaviors using advanced mathematical and scientific concepts.
Let M2 guide the development and management of your complex system

Comprehensive Systems Engineering Lifecycle Support


  • Automated cloud-based tool to capture requirements and develop proofs-of-concept


  • Design, develop, and test using Agile framework with system templates and automated testing tools


  • Detailed implementation plans with ultiple test runs in Production ensure a low-risk go-live


  • Monitoring tools backed by subject matter experts ensure minimal to no down-time

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