Strategic Planning


Defining The Future

Let’s Think in new ways 

What is Strategic Planning?

Purposeful and Intentional Growth. Lasting culture. 

Planning and Agility

Defines an organization’s future which is essential in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Alignment of Resources

Identifies goals, objectives, and aligns resources bridging the gap between planning and execution.



Builds and motivates a diverse workforce. Change management and strong culture is key.


Process drives efficiency and builds high performing organizations that annually plan for their future.


We Position You for Success

The M2 Advantage

Our focus is on helping you forge new paths and redefine what is possible in your industry

  • Proven process that works
  • Industry experts that deliver results
  • Provides for flexibility of services

Proven Methodology 

  • Data driven dashboards to drive quicker informed decision making
  • Using Smartsheet streamline your operations

Decision Dashboards

  • Focus on employees, culture,  and change management
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion

The Human Factor

Strategic Planning Horizons

Focus on Results and your Success



  • Annual review of your strategic direction and development of Roadmaps and Annual Operating Plan
  • Realignment of resources to ensure results
  • Decision Dashboard


  • 3-5 Year trends analysis
  • Threats/Opportunity Assessment
  • Workforce & Culture Assessment
  • Development of Strategic Plan
  • Recommend resource alignment and budget formulation strategies


  • 5-10 Years assessments and visioning work – 
  • Robust scenario planning and stress testing
  • Identification of quick wins and prototypes

Case Study: Strategic Planning – Aligning Mission to Programmatic Execution

Establishing annual plans that achieve strategic goals and objectives

Ready to Define and Create Your Future?