Case Study

Communication Management

Helping a Federal Agency Prepare for Satellite Ground and User Readiness


Just as important as building a satellite and preparing for its launch, is the communications and change management that is needed to ensure users and systems are ready to leverage the new data and increased quantity of data. If the users are not trained, and the ground systems are not prepared for the satellite data the large satellite investment will not be realized.

About the Client

A Federal Agency

Problem Areas

To help ensure user and system readiness for a new satellite and associated data, we provided the following support:

  • Communications
  • Change Management
  • Technical Project Management

What Did M2 Do?

M2 provided communications expertise and led the development of a Communication and Change Management Plan for user readiness.

Training & Tests
  • We provided training and conducted four Satellite Readiness Tests which resulted in the effective execution of three new forecast and warning mission-area use cases
  • We led the effort to prepare end users for the receipt of the satellite data and products, by holding seminars and identifying the participating sites.
Communications Expertise
  • We also executed a Communications Plan which provided artifacts for leadership including the Office of Management and Budget and Congress keeping them abreast of critical satellite readiness initiatives
Data & Analytics
  • We partnered with our client’s Science Office developing key documents to translate complex scientific data and satellite user readiness data
  • Artifacts M2 produced included their Annual Proving Ground Report and supporting the development of a book outlining the Satellite launch and user readiness


M2’s partnership with our client helped to secure the funding from Congress to ensure ground and all the communications required to ensure user readiness before Satellite launch.

Final Results
  • Our Change Management support resulted in training sessions and seminars helping both technical and scientific teams to embrace the upcoming change
  • Our Annual Proving Grounds Report helped to bridge the gap between research and operations of systems by promoting communications between product developers and associated user communities

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