Tashia Shupert

Principal Management Consultant

About Tashia

Tashia Shupert is a Principal Management Consultant at M2, where she focuses on providing business-process improvement, change management, and organizational design support. Prior to M2, Tashia worked as a head data coordinator where she led and directed data support teams by providing direction, oversight, and accountability to ensure the long-term success of projects and the development of technical database architecture. Tashia has experience in analytical and presentation skills as well as project risk, data analytics, and implementing data strategy.


Tashia graduated with a master’s from Yonsei University and a bachelor’s from Western Washington University.

Interesting Facts

In her free time, Tashia trains in boxing or looks for great espresso.

Favorite Quote:It is only kindness that makes sense anymore, only kindness that ties your shoes and sends you out into the day… only kindness that raises its head from the crowd of the world to say– It is I you have been looking for.” – Naomi Shihab Nye

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