Regina Belcher-Brown

Principal Management Consultant

About Regina

Regina Belcher-Brown is a Principal Management Consultant at M2, where she provides a variety of operations and facilitation services for the NESDIS Office of the Assistant Chief Information Officer-Satellites. As a member of the Facilitation and Operations team, Regina facilitates the process to ensure that IT acquisitions are in compliance with the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA); collaborates with office leadership and staff members on foreign and domestic travel arrangements and development of SES, foreign and conference travel packages; coordinates and facilitates monthly IT management meetings; and provides support for NESDIS FOIA requests.

Prior to M2, Regina worked as a Senior Business Analyst at the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Regina is a second generation graduate of Howard University with a BS in Mathematics and a MS in Computer Science.

Interesting Facts

In her free time, Regina enjoys visiting new local restaurants, going to the movies and spending time at the beach.

Heroes: My mom and my mother-in-law

Favorite Quote: “Don’t let your limiting beliefs control your behavior.” 

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