Smartsheet Consulting Case Study

Improve Inventory
Management Capabilities

What Problem(s) Was the Customer Trying to Solve?

Company Info
  • A snack food company
  • Specializes in products that are sold across the U.S.
  • Partnerships with Major League Baseball
Problem Areas
  • Needed to scale the manufacturing operations and sales/customer management across the organization
  • Sought a more automated way to quickly relay information to/from operators and managers, as well as monitor the quality of their products
  • Aimed to create a centralized platform for their brokers to input new customers, access key sales data, and better maintain their database of clients

How Did M2's Smartsheet Solutions Solve the Problem?

The Solutions
  • Developed Smartsheet dashboards for each line, as well as for the portfolio, which allowed executives to monitor activity across all lines and provide visibility into what products were actively being developed
  • Created automations and forms for the testing of products to ensure that only top-quality snacks were being produced
  • Centralized all sales reports, developed sales dashboards, and generated a customer database for brokers and accounting to better manage client relationships and sales reporting
Final Result
  • The two-fold solution has greatly improved operational activities, manufacturing, and data management across the organization

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