M2 Honored with SECAF ‘Award of Excellence’ for 2020

On October 2, 2020 the Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF) held its 12th annual Government Contractor Awards and M2 was recognized for its dedication to excellence. Hundreds of people representing government contracting firms and leading industry professionals gathered virtually as the 2020 winners were named. Of those winners, M2 was honored with the prestigious Award of Excellence. This award highlights an organization that represents excellence within their community, the government contracting industry, and towards employees.

For the past 17 years M2 has focused on delivering excellence to our clients, helping them optimize how they work. We live by our four core values and an employee-focused culture where excellence thrives. We believe that to be excellent, M2 must Pay It Forward and give back to our community. We are so honored that M2’s dedication to excellence was recognized. We thank SECAF for recognizing M2 and for all that you and our fellow colleagues do for the Government Contracting Industry.

M2’s dedication to excellence has helped our clients solve some of their biggest challenges positioning them for the future and preparing for this COVID and post COVID world. We are dedicated to helping our clients work smarter, achieve more, and collaborate in new ways.

“At M2 we live by Peter Drucker’s statement – “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Culture is everything to us and has created an environment for excellence to thrive. Thank you SECAF for recognizing M2 and our employees – We are so honored!"

Willow Marr
President & CEO, M2 Strategy

As M2 grows, we continue our dedication to giving back, both to our employees and community. Numerous awards, such as the Award of Excellence have highlighted M2’s ability to maintain our culture while being honored over the last 6 years by Inc. as one of America’s fastest growing companies. It is an honor to be recognized for the hard work of our team and the transformational change that we bring to our clients.

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