Helo Mustafa

COO and Co-Founder

Seasoned executive with decades of experience overseeing high-profile engagements across technical and organizational transformations.

Helo Mustafa is Chief Operating Officer of M2 Strategy. He has over 20 years of industry experience managing numerous technical and strategic disciplines. His in-depth knowledge of technical and functional systems has enabled clients to obtain innovative, cutting-edge solutions that provide a significant competitive advantage.

Prior to joining M2 Strategy, Mr. Mustafa held leadership positions for a number of firms including Oracle, Boeing and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He was also instrumental in the technical architecture of a startup firm that was sold to IBM. His innovative vision and direction has been sought after to manage award winning initiatives.

Mr. Mustafa is active in local charities and community events and enjoys providing support through corporate fundraising and volunteer efforts.

Mr. Mustafa has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the George Washington University in Washington, DC.