Case Study:

Automate and Enhance Client Management

What Problem(s) Was the Customer Trying to Solve?

A national utility company that develops cost effective energy efficiency programs for low-income homeowners wanted to automate and enhance client management capabilities. Through its Pay As You Save (PAYS) programs, the company works with other utility companies to identify and upgrade energy intense homes through a tariff on-bill program. All their efforts are focused on finding equitable solutions for utility and participants alike, managing local contractors and vetting upgrades, making sure the new installations last well after the utility has recovered its investment. The company was seeking to streamline and scale their participant management process for all its active and future programs, which includes but not limited to over 7k participants. Additionally, they were seeking an automatic way to capture participant key metrics that are vital to measuring cost and environmental efficiencies across each program. 

How Did Smartsheet’s Solutions Solve the Problem?

The company worked with Smartsheet Platinum Partner, M2 Strategy, to implement a Control Center solution that automatically provisions participant sheets for all approved participants in their respective program. The participant sheet tracks all utility and contractor activities required to complete the program, including upgrades, costs, and scheduling, which provided standardization across the various programs. All participant information and key metrics are tracked and summarized in a program summary. This allowed them to create several reports and program level dashboards allowing multiple users to interact with the data as applicable to successfully navigate through each phase of the program. The Control Center solution allows the utility company to stand up future programs and provision the necessary participant sheets as clients sign up through their website creating sustainable growth over time. Portfolio summary and metrics provide insights to each program to promote future enhancements and opportunities.

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