M2 Strategy is excited to announce that for the ninth consecutive year, it will serve as a key teaming partner in support of the GoArmyEd program. M2 Strategy will continue to assist the U.S. Army and IBM with critical day-to-day operations and will spearhead cutting-edge, innovative solutions to support enhancements to the system.

GoArmyEd is one of largest, most advanced educational program of its kind, having surpassed a number of industry standards for virtual universities and technology development, allowing U.S. Army Soldiers (Active Duty, National Guard and Army Reserve) to enroll in classes in a 24/7 environment leveraging a Microsoft .Net platform and Oracle/PeopleSoft’s Campus Solution 9.0 application. There are more than 700,000 Soldiers with accounts in the system, supporting 3,000+ participating colleges and tens of thousands of on-demand classes. There are more than 100+ online interfaces between GoArmyEd, third party vendors, and numerous Army systems.

M2 Strategy welcomes the opportunity to continue to leverage its in-depth knowledge of GoArmyEd and its technical/functional subject matter expertise to assist with creating an unparalleled and innovative solution for the U.S. Army’s education system. M2 Strategy is proud to support IBM, the U.S. Army, and our Soldiers through such an exciting program.