Human Capital Management 


Inspire. Excite. Grow.

Invest in Your people

Critical Components to Human Capital Management 

Attracting, growing, and retaining the right people results in mission success

Workforce Strategy & Succession Planning 

Build enduring organizations that are positioned for the future. Ones that  have an aligned, trained, and innovative workforce.

Training, Development & Leadership Coaching

Create a culture of curiosity and learning where employees thrive and leaders are developed to be innovative, brave, and impactful.


Branding & Talent Acquisition

Brand the organization to attract and hire the best. Streamline and automate the hiring process to expedite the onboarding process.

Employee Experience, Engagement & Culture 

Take intentional and ongoing steps to build an employee-focused culture leading to greater productivity and morale.



Define Your Workplace

 The M2 Advantage

We provide a proven approach with the right experts to help build an effective workforce​

Proven Framework & Experts

Your workforce is your power, they enable success. M2’s workforce management framework and our experts develop plans and roadmaps that guide our clients through all components of attracting, developing, inspiring, and managing their people. 

Workforce Analytics & Automation

Analytics allow you to respond to change gracefully. M2’s workforce analytics framework and dashboards enable smart proactive decision making and actions. Our Smartsheet human resource templates allow for work automation across key operational tasks.

Career Development & Leadership Training

Today’s workforce want experiences and a clear vision for their careers. M2’s Career Path methodology coupled with our Smartsheet framework results in motivated employees and high retention. Our Leadership Coaches create innovate, brave, and impactful leaders.

DeFine your Workforce & workplace

How can M2 help?


 Plan & Hire

  • Develop Workforce Plan
  • Create organizational branding strategy and recruitment marketing to attract the brightest
  • Develop recruiting and status dashboard
  • Automate and streamline onboarding process

Inspire & Develop

  • Optimize Mentorship, Advancement, and Performance services  
  • Analyze and enhance training services
  • Develop career development framework
  • Provide leadership coaching, training, & team building

 Manage & Retain

  • Perform culture assessment to determine needs and gaps
  • Develop culture framework for building high performing workforce
  • Develop workforce analytics and decision dashboards to define your future 
  • Formalize succession planning

Case Study: Leadership Development – Inspiration and Motivation

Creating the next generation of leaders within an organization promotes higher morale, increased collaboration, and overall stronger workplace culture

Ready to Be a best workplace?