Case Study: Workforce Planning and Restructure

Supporting a Federal Agency to define its future and restructure its workforce and budget around Portfolio Management


In an era when government agency budgets are decreasing, emerging technologies are rapidly entering the market, competition from the commercial sector is getting fiercer, and resource management is increasingly more challenging than ever, Federal Agencies are examining how best to accomplish their mission. An M2 client was facing a 25% budget cut and during an eight-year span had unwillingly downsized its workforce by 20%. They were operating in an environment where the commercial industry presence was progressively more prevalent. Their portfolio, program, project management and governance structures were not providing optimization for data driven and transparent decision making. The client partnered with M2 to restructure its budget and workforce around a portfolio management framework.

What M2 Did

Working in tandem with our client, we assessed their current organization structure, budget structure, and governance processes. Within 10 months we held over 30 working group sessions where we developed and socialized the new proposed organization structure with Senior Managers. The proposed organization design was tested and validated by running theoretical use cases and defining future offices roles and responsibilities. Our team developed a reorganization package that consisted of office, division and branch functional statements, crosswalk of employees from current to future state, employee position descriptions, and corporate memorandums that captured key decision points. Additionally, we assisted the client with their budget restructure, the establishment and implementation of their portfolio management structure which provided for more transparent and data-based decision making, and redesign and standup of the clients’ decision-making forums. M2 facilitated and two three-day off-site planning sessions for the organization focusing on their annual and strategic planning.


M2’s partnership allowed our client to restructure its budget, workforce, and gain efficiencies through leveraging portfolio management. This transformational change allowed the organization to be more agile and respond better to needs, reduce and mitigate enterprise risks, and generate greater return on investments on their programs and projects.


Working Group Sessions

Restructured Federal Agency

M2’s Federal Reorganization Methodology Results in Congressional Approval and Gained Efficiencies

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