Case Study: Scientific and Technical Services

Helping a Federal Agency Prepare for Satellite Ground and User Readiness


Just as important as a Satellite launch, is ensuring users and systems are ready to leverage the new data and increased quantity of data. M2 partnered with our client to help ensure user and system readiness from the three-fold increase in satellite data. Expertise provided included scientific, technical, and programmatic support to plan and implement the new satellite ground architecture.

What M2 Did

M2 provided technical expertise and led the development of training for four Satellite Readiness Tests. We conducted training and seminars for our client which included federal and contractor teams. The training and tests resulted in the effective execution of three new forecast and warning mission-area use cases where data flowed over the client’s mission system. We led the effort to prepare end users for the receipt of the satellite data and products, by holding seminars and identifying the participating sites and then prioritizing them to ensure the needed upgrades in functionality and network bandwidth occurred first for the sites that were most integral to the success of the test. We also developed satellite test schedule required to support readiness reviews; and developed and maintained key technical documents.

We partnered with our client’s Science Office developing scientific planning and satellite user readiness, including coordination for their Science and Demonstration Executive Board. For three years, we supported the development of their Annual Proving Ground Report; which outlined the results of their satellite testbeds. These reports summarized briefing materials covering all aspects of the Proving Ground activities and their impact on future operations as well as summarized the outcomes of PG demonstrations.


M2’s partnership with our client helped to ensure user and system readiness before Satellite launch. Our Annual PG Report helped to bridge the gap between research and operations of systems by promoting data sharing between product developers and associated user communities.


New Forecast and Warning Mission Area Use Cases

Successful Satellite Launch

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