M2 Strategy is honored to be named a NOAA partner and become a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) Ambassador™. For over 13 years M2 Strategy has partnered with NOAA and its various line offices on an array of technical, scientific, and program management projects. The WRN Ambassador initiative recognizes NOAA partners who are improving the nation’s readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events. As a WRN Ambassador, M2 Strategy is committed to working with NOAA and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather.

One of NOAA’s missions is to save life and property by providing critical environmental intelligence, including weather forecasts and warnings. NOAA recognizes that building a WRN requires innovative collaborations with the media, emergency management community, the Weather Enterprise, and other organizations such as public / private businesses and various levels of government. WRN Ambassadors are formally acknowledged by NOAA as organizations committed to collaborating with NOAA, sharing preparedness messaging in outreach to the public, and serving as examples themselves by implementing resilience best practices.

Provided below is a link to the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation website at http://www.nws.noaa.gov/com/weatherreadynation/