M2 Strategy is excited to announce that they are part of the winning team supporting the Department of Commerce (DOC) NOAALink (Enterprise-wide IT solutions and IT service) focused on Strategic Management Services (SMS). Ambit Group serves as the Prime Contractor with M2 Strategy, Booz Allen, and Grant Thorton serving as the subcontractors. M2 Strategy’s experience at the National Weather Service (NWS) was key to its role as a team member.

The NOAA SMS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) has a Period of Performance from July 11, 2014 – July 10, 2019 to support the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).

The contract is integral to the success of the program providing the Decision Support, Enterprise Architecture Services, and Project Management Services necessary for the short and long term planning required to support the delivery of shared enterprise information services.

M2 Strategy is proud to continue to serve and support the mission of NOAA’s National Weather Service and other line offices.