M2 Strategy’s industry leading consultants and management team successfully led and supported the successful upgrade of the GoArmyEd PeopleSoft system from version 8.0 to 9.0. The upgrade was one of the world’s largest successful upgrades to Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions product. The PeopleSoft product is the core of the GoArmyEd Portal, which is the largest online distance-learning portal in the world. M2 Strategy’s industry leading experts were selected to participate in the design and implementation of the complex project due to their proven track record of success.

The GoArmyEd project allows U.S. Army Soldiers to register for classes anywhere/anytime. The project consists of five major technology teams — Portal, ERP, Data Warehouse, Architecture, and Quality Assurance. The ERP team is responsible for developing and enhancing the student administration modules of PeopleSoft. This system stores the educational records and financial data for the entire student population of the U.S. Army.

M2 Strategy is proud to support the mission and vision of the GoArmyEd project and be an integral part of their success.