M2 is proud to announce that it is a finalist for Forbes Small Giants 2018, which recognizes America’s Best Small Companies that are setting new standards for business excellence through being focused on employees, culture and growing with purpose. The evaluation criteria included: having leaders that are committed to building a great business, rather than a “big” business; being the best, or one of the best, in its industry, and offering unmatched customer service; having a culture that is specifically designed to bring out the best in its people; and having a proven and lasting relationship with its community.

“There is purpose behind everything we do, say, and believe,” said Willow Marr, President and CEO of M2 Strategy, “We have put significant emphasis on growing strategically and living by our values. We put our employees’ success first which results in our clients receiving stellar consulting services. Our culture promotes respect, innovation, collaboration and challenging our employees to be the best they can be. Everyone at M2 Strategy is connected by a common bond of service to our clients, community, and each other.”

Read more about this year’s Small Giants: https://www.forbes.com/feature/small-giants/#9edc77b4612d