Case Study:

Improve Hiring Decisions and Recruiting Capabilities

What Problem(s) Was the Customer Trying to Solve?

An executive search firm, dedicated to connecting talent with non-profits, educational organizations, foundations, and social impact corporations needed to improve their recruiting capabilities. They specialize in providing a wide range of talent management services including organizational consulting, transition planning, team effectiveness, and executive placement. The search firm aimed to centralize their search pipeline and provide transparency across their team with the ability to provide status of each engagement, generate a hub for collaboration, and setup tools that could be leveraged to track and engage potential talent in the search process.

How Did Smartsheet’s Solutions Solve the Problem?

The search firm worked with Smartsheet Platinum Partner, M2 Strategy, to implement a solution that provided an engagement pipeline and tracker to maintain current searches. Beyond the main tracking sheets, a variety of automations were leveraged to engage the firm and keep them informed of their leads through every step of the process. Consultants are able to use their personal pipelines to request proposals, contracts, and engage the finance team. Dashboards were developed to provide insight into resourcing, business development, and active engagements for both leadership and consultants. Finally, an external form was developed and embedded into their site that allows potential clients to add their projects into the pipeline directly which has significantly reduced the time spent in responding to email inquiries and following up on leads. This new Smartsheet solution has completely changed the way the search firm tracks and manages their searches and has led to increased transparency and collaboration across the entirety of the organization.  

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