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M2’s proven methodology for planning, facilitating, and executing effective virtual events is yielding results for our employees  


Over the last year, COVID-19, has defined the way in which we live, work, share information, and attend professional conferences. For many organizations, in both the commercial and public sectors, postponing conferences for sharing of information was unrealistic and many organizations were forced to pivot from the traditional in-person events to virtual collaboration. M2 reimagined its communications and conference planning services to yield high return and results in an virtual environment. Our client, a large federal organization needed to transition their in-person conference to a virtual format with 150+ attendees from across the United States. 

What M2 Did

ed,,shaM2’s  virtual conference methodology focuses on engaging attendees, using a virtual framework built in Smartsheets, certified virtual facilitators, and driving to results. Collaboratively, working with our client, we reimagined all aspects of a three-day conference. We digitized 100 percent of the virtual conference, from attendee’s registration to collaboration materials and feedback surveys every element of the conference and its platforms were digital. We worked with the client to determine the best structure for each conference session to maximize engagement across the attendees in the virtual setting. We created and conducted panel sessions and introduced collaborative tools that streamlined the question-and-answer processes, allowing conference attendees to fully engage with panelists. Moving the conference to a virtual space allowed our client to invite more attendees which furthered the collaboration and sharing 150+ people. Engaging with a wider audience was key to achieving the conference goals of sharing on new science developments, discoveries in technology innovations and their potential to support and information office priorities; and devising strategies to better engagement with partners and customers because more people were in the room including partners and customers not only to receive information but also inform strategies and discussions.


M2’s support resulted in a successful 3-day virtual conference with 150+ attendees across the United States. Add what was accomplished at the meeting here. Our client called this meeting their most successful ever!  

Conference Registrants

Day Virtual Event

Meeting Dashboard

“The M2 team was creative, flexible, and professional. Thank you for sharing your team with us and we look forward to working together again in the future.”

– M2 Facilitation Client

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