case study: organizational health assessment

Conducting Organization Health Assessment Across an Organization to Streamline Operations


Many organizations struggle with roles and responsibilities clarity and misalignment of role and skillset. This can lead to a workforce that lacks motivation, innovation, and/or collaboration; reducing staff morale and a mistrust of leadership. Organizations can also struggle with inconsistent, inefficient, and/or redundant processes and antiquated or unsupported tools. An Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) is the recommended industry-leading methodology to take an in-depth look across your organization, engage your staff, collect data, and deliver fact-based recommendations to address organizational challenges. M2’s proven OHA methodology has been leveraged by many of our clients to improve operational effectiveness and team cohesiveness.

What M2 Did

M2’s client, a large Federal Agencies with offices and a workforce throughout the country struggled with many challenges, leveraged our support and methodology to conduct an Organizational Health Assessments across seven of its offices to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement across six health components (people, mission, environment, organization, tools, and process). Leveraging our four phase process, we conducted interviews, surveys, and focus groups; analyzed the data collected to conducted a workload analysis, identify areas for operational improvements, developed detailed strategic roadmaps, and worked with the organization to implement the approved recommendations.


M2’s client, through this Organization Health Assessment and transparent and continual communication with its employees, was able to develop a clear organization structure with the right people in the right roles; highly relevant support systems and tools with accurate data reporting; a clear and actionable mission and prioritization of goals; enterprise-wide process standardization; a highly-capable and efficiently-allocated workforce; and higher morale and their employees belief in leadership’s vision and motivation to do good work.

Undergoing an Organizational Health Assessment with M2 means making data-driven changes that are right for your organization. The Roadmaps and Actionable Implementation Plans developed for your will make change possible.

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