case study: Data Analytics

Data Driven Decision Making for Performance Reviews


Data is at the center of all good decision-making process. Without data, decision makers are more likely to no make decisions quickly and make uninformed decisions that have negative impacts on their projects, programs, portfolios, ultimately impacting their organization’s profits and meeting their mission. These type of challenges are avoided by implementing an automated data analytic framework that captures key metrics, that are visualized on Dashboards for management and executives to make informed decisions.   

What M2 Did

A M2 client faced these challenges and we defined and established a set of performance management controls and procedures, to routinely monitor and measure progress and performance towards the client’s enterprise processes and programs and projects. We developed outcome-based performance metrics and implemented a Dashboard monitoring system which automated data results, enabling informed decision making. These Dashboards were analyzed monthly and quarterly, allowing for routine, regular, and informed decision making. 


M2’s support enabled our client to monitor progress on its key processes, programs, and projects. Our dashboard development and analysis allowed leadership to proactively be aware of any upcoming risks which resulted in informed decision making resulting in over 85% of the organization’s programs and projects being on track within the second year of our support. 

M2 has developed outcome-based performance metrics and a dashboard monitoring system that has enabled clients to proactively monitor progress on key processes, projects, and programs

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