case study:

Optimize Predictive Analytics and Portfolio Strategy

What Problem(s) Was the Customer Trying to Solve?

A green car wash franchise was seeking an enhanced solution that optimized its predictive analytics model used to support acquisitions as part of their portfolio of environmentally friendly car washes. With over 68 locations, the company wanted to automate their key processes which included, but is not limited to: (a) future revenue, expense, and profit projections; (b) construction and developments plans based on a predictive analytics model, and (c) operational and grand opening logistics. Not only did they want to automate their workflows but also visualize key performance metrics across their six different nation-wide brands. The new process would need to be scalable and adaptable to support future expansion into different markets and provide the ability to stand up new brands under them 

How Did Smartsheet’s Solutions Solve the Problem?

The company worked with Smartsheet Platinum Partner, M2 Strategy, to implement a multi-tiered Control Center solution. The solution allowed team members to submit specific data for potential locations and then use proprietary algorithms to provide a real-time grade/score based on key metrics. The data was visually presented and compared against current locations and increased the ability for the car wash to rank new sites quickly and efficiently. The Control Center solution significantly optimized the stand-up of new sites by standardizing the construction artifacts, project plans, and operational setup templates required to open a store. The operational teams were able to consistently manage resources based on timelines and key milestones provided by at the portfolio level. All markets and brands can view key metrics for all locations from grading to operational status. The solution quickly uncovered any roadblocks for new locations and optimized the ability to manage resources across multiple sites.

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