case study:

Scale Growth through Operational Automation

What Problem(s) Was the Customer Trying to Solve?

A billing company needed an effective way to track and manage medical claims processing for over 150 practice locations. The organization was seeking to develop a centralized location to retrieve medical claims that were stored in various data sources and subsequently manage the processing of open claims nationwide. It was imperative that a standardized process be implemented for all locations to follow and track the performance of claims being processed and to have this process be scalable for future practices.  

How Did Smartsheet’s Solutions Solve the Problem?

The billing company worked with Smartsheet Platinum Partner, M2 Strategy, to implement Control Center which provided standardized template sets for all 150+ practice locations and the ability to provision them to new locations. The new Smartsheet solution automates the process for opening/closing claims and provides the corresponding metrics daily. Workflows were developed to track the performance of staff working on these claims which provided the ability to demonstrate ROI via dashboards to clients. All key metrics from practice locations are rolled up automatically to a Portfolio-level dashboard to allow executives to quickly see status real-time. The system was configured to setup business rules to track invalid action responses for over 10K claims, which allowed staff to efficiently follow up on those claims. A new collaborative user experience allows the billing team to communicate on key topics and to more effectively onboard and offboard clients.

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