M2 Strategy has been awarded a five-year Prime contract with the National Weather Service (NWS) Office of Science and Technology Integration (OSTI), to improve program efficiency and effectiveness by providing program and project management, and air quality prediction and monitoring support.

In support of the NWS mission, OSTI manages the execution of acquisition and development programs meeting the needs for current and future NWS operations. M2 Strategy’s collaboration with OSTI will increase the office’s ability to effectively plan, implement, and track projects, as well as assess and control performance to meet the goals and objectives of the program office throughout the program and project life cycles.

M2 Strategy has partnered with Eastern Research Group (ERG), a highly-respected consulting firm that specializes in researching air quality, water quality, climate change, and other environmental and public health issues, to provide OSTI with unmatched air quality research, policy and enforcement expertise.