M2 has a successful track record developing strategic workforce assessments and plans to provide federal agencies with data driven approaches to achieve optimal results. Our comprehensive understanding of aligning organizational structure, business processes, and workforce competencies to mission requirements has been instrumental in providing transformational change to our clients.

M2 provides transformational change to organizations totaling over 4 billion in collective budgets

Workforce Planning and Analysis

Our Workforce Planning and Analysis support drives the identification of priority areas challenging the current workforce while effectively planning for the human capital needs of the future. M2 Strategy solutions align the priorities and objectives of the organization with those of the workforce to ensure the workforce has the means to achieve overarching mission requirements.


Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management provides organizations with the processes and actions required at the program level to support the employees who will be impacted by changes. Our focus is on crafting initiatives and solutions that will ensure improvement of performance, seize opportunities and address key issues related to operational processes, job roles, technologies and organizational structures.


Organizational Assessment

M2 Strategy’s Organizational Assessments gather the necessary quantitative and qualitative information in order to support our clients’ leaders, employees, and stakeholders identify strengths, areas for improvement and any obstacles that impede optimal effectiveness. We assess your organization’s systems, management processes, governance, workforce and overall mission effectiveness. We help our clients understand the causes of their challenges and respond with focused solutions that have immediate impacts, rather than concentrating on the symptoms.


Culture Studies and Improvements

It is has become increasingly clear that an organization’s culture affects every aspect of how effectively the organization operates and how efficiently work gets done. M2 Strategy has developed in-depth assessments that evaluate all aspects of organizational culture – alignment with senior management, alignment with operational procedures, and alignment of the organization’s vision and mission with culture change efforts.


Workforce Modeling and Improvements

When organizations are faced with an unstable environment and workforce, M2 Strategy provides tools and methodologies to collect and analyze data in order to develop models that predict workforce outcomes based on current and future-state scenarios. We help our clients identify critical issues, develop strategic workforce plans, and understand the challenges and opportunities of future environments.


Training and Leadership Development

Team and Leadership building sessions provide a living laboratory for a team to try new ways of working together and working through difficulties and challenges. M2 Strategy’s trainings and leadership development sessions are designed with organizational goals in mind and consist of a line-up of experiential activities designed to simulate group dynamics and develop hidden talent.


Competency Development

Organizations are struggling with translating competency into effective career development programs and aligning their workforce’s skills and knowledge with the overarching objectives of the organization. M2 Strategy specializes in Competency Development, which provides organizations with a deeper understanding of the needs, issues, and goals facing their workforce and develop strategies to build a workforce that is ready and prepared for the future.


Coaching and Facilitation

M2 Strategy has a team of certified International Coach Federation (ICF) professionals that are experts in guiding clients and their teams towards a deeper understanding of professional and personal development. Clients gain the ability to identify practical goals, motivate employees, handle difficult conversations, plan for growth and focus on creating long lasting solutions which culminate in success.


Success Stories

NWS Headquarters (HQ) Reorganization and Budget Restructure

The NWS has an incredibly noble mission – Providing weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy. With over thirteen years of expertise working with NOAA, M2 Strategy was able to couple its consulting expertise and its knowledge of the organization to help develop the to-be organization model. M2 Strategy supported the reorganization of NWS HQ which streamlined the workforce and improved alignment of the organization’s budget structure. With the support of a highly dedicated Federal team, M2 Strategy successfully stood up Office of Organizational Excellence that plans and oversees organizational change. M2 Strategy analyzed organizational assessments and surveys and developed action plans to drive improvements to organizational health and culture. To proactively minimize risk and enhance change management processes, M2 Strategy developed a comprehensive communications plan and stakeholder outreach that increased buy-in to successfully move the organization forward.

Facilitation and Leadership Support for NESDIS IT Summit

Partnering with NOAA’s NESDIS, M2 Strategy planned, managed, and facilitated the NESDIS Information Technology Ground Summit. The yearly Summit, hosted by the NESDIS Assistant Chief of Information, brings together directors of the NESDIS offices to discuss the upcoming fiscal year’s budget and to strategically prioritize major project spending to maximize results and cost savings for the organization’s IT investments. M2 Strategy’s team drove the primary planning effort with key institutional knowledge and a fresh perspective on bringing varied interests to the table for a Summit that would foster information-sharing and decision-making. M2 assisted the ACIO and team to formulate the Summit goals, objectives, and structure; and focus Summit presentations around key themes, functions, and impacts to mission.