Our Story

M2 Strategy was founded in 2003 by Willow Marr, an attorney, working for the Department of Energy as a policy advisor and Helo Mustafa, a technical expert, working for PricewaterhouseCoopers. They had one simple mission, which was to provide our clients the best and most effective technical and management solutions. At the core of this concept was the goal of creating a company where people like and want to come to work – a place that inspires and excites. By design, M2 Strategy has remained a small, boutique firm which has allowed us to select projects that are high-profile, meaningful and create positive change for our clients. We are constantly and consistently evaluating and enhancing our services and have a true passion for what we do. Our co-founders are deeply committed to the success of the firm – which means the success of our clients. We have selected a leadership team with an employee base that shares their love of consulting and client successes.

So after many years of business, we continue to strive every day to never lose sight of why M2 was started and routinely receive accolades from our clients to remind us we are staying true to our mission.


“What sets M2 Strategy apart is their ability to: (a) Provide a fresh perspectives on how to deliver solutions that exceed expectations; (b) Ensure best practice and cutting edge technical solutions; and (c) consistently having positive and pro-active program and contracts management.”

-Fortune 50 Executive

Our Focus

  • Partner with our clients to provide industry-leading technical and management expertise that makes sense to improve and reach their missions.
  • Provide the best workplace that encourages and rewards all employees’ growth and innovation.

“It is rare and refreshing to work with a team of consultants as dedicated and experienced as those at M2.”

-Under Secretary – Federal Government Agency


“Thank you, M2, and all that you have done to make our agency more efficient and effective.  M2 is a true partner and cares about our mission.  The level & quality of work you produce and the people you bring to the table is excellent.”

-Federal Senior Executive 

Our Culture

M2 Strategy has developed an environment that is fun, intellectual, forward-thinking and respectful. We believe that if you have to come to work, it doesn’t have to be “another day at the office” and that you should be able to enjoy it and have a positive experience. We have created employee programs that include: 100% company-paid benefits, reimbursement for parking/metro, 100% paid vacations after milestone years of service, corporate office days to interact with leadership and exchange ideas with colleagues, quarterly team events, regular happy hours, and an internal SharePoint site to share fun pictures and ideas.

We couple this fun environment with a focus on quality of service delivery, as well as always providing innovation to our clients. This means that our employees are always on top of best practices and we routinely collaborate to share ideas. Our executive team all come from consulting backgrounds and provide strategic guidance and mentorship to employees, without any additional cost to our clients. We also reimburse for professional development and have our own internal training programs.

“Thank you for the wonderful gift basket full of delicious goodies! I received it today and it was such a great surprise! Words can’t express how lucky I feel to be part of M2 Strategy. You sure know how to make a person feel special.”

-M2 Strategy Employee


M2 Strategy is an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm. M2 Strategy provides our clients with quality through reviewing early, reviewing often, and making continuous improvements.